Throughout history, people have sold their souls to the dark side in order to make their selfish wishes come true. With the dawn of the computer age, the ritual continued. Rock stars, race car drivers, and even politicians find their fame and fortune with the help of a new and mesmerizing, evil website. Little did these people know what price they’d pay for the use of its services. When Carrie Palmer, a frustrated housewife, logs onto the website and enters an angry comment about her husband, a chain of events begins to unfold that no one could have ever predicted. Now she must put two and two together and try to solve the riddle of the killer blog before it’s too late. With the clock ticking, and the fate of other people hanging in the balance, Carrie’s only hope lies twelve hundred miles away in the City of New Orleans. But will she make it there before their time runs out, or will her worst nightmare become a reality?

TAYLOR JONES SAYS: In A Wish to Die For by Michael Infinito, Carrie Palmer is a lonely housewife whose workaholic husband is rarely home. In desperation, she turns to the Internet for company and, one day, she happens upon a blog call In Blog We Trust. It asks how it can improve her life and, after an argument with her husband, she sarcastically types in, “If you want to make my life better, just kill my husband.” But when her husband dies suddenly a few minutes later she is horrified, grief-stricken, and consumed with guilt. Going back to the blog, she discovers that several other people have left comments as well and are now dead. So she begins to investigate, trying to find a way to remove the curse of the blog and save her life.

This is another Infinito page-turner, and it will not only keep you on the edge of your seat, it will keep you up reading well into the night.

REGAN MURPHY SAYS: A Wish to Die For by Michael Infinito is another great horror/mystery on the level of Stephen King. Our heroine, Carrie Palmer, makes an angry comment on a mysterious blog, saying that she wishes her husband was dead. When she discovers his body the next morning, she can’t help but wonder if her comment on the blog had something to do with it. So she starts to investigate some of the other commenters on the blog, only to discover that most of them died exactly one year after they made their comments. Now she has to find a way out of her own death sentence.

Infinito really has a way with storytelling. The story is fast-paced, action-filled, and edge-of-your-seat tense. This is one you’ll want to keep on your shelf to read again to catch all you missed the first time.

Chapter 1


The crowd erupted into chaotic screams as Incorrigible, the decade’s most influential rock band, made their way onto the stage. Wasting little time, they picked up their instruments and broke into the track, “Are We Alone.” With a bombastic riff behind his gravelly voice, Kirk Cochoran belted out the lyrics, eventually screeching the song’s final lines.

“The candles and the stained glass
Comforted my heart
As the bitterness in my brain
Tried to tear their world apart

“I am no one
I am someone.
Isn’t life so odd?

“I am no good.
I am so good,
A child of some God.”

The audience went crazy as the feedback from Kirk’s guitar continued humming, even after the song had come to a thunderous conclusion. He let the instrument hang from its strap, freeing up both of his hands. Grabbing the microphone stand, Kirk pulled it against his skinny, five-foot-nine-inch frame.

“It’s great to be fuckin’ home!” he shouted, eliciting a cheer from the crowd. “We’ve played all over the world, but I can tell you, Portland’s where the party’s at. This is also a special night for us. One year ago today, we released “Corporate Generation” as a single.”

Tommy Hanes, the band’s bassist, and drummer, Carlos Russo, began playing the song’s rhythm section, while Kirk tantalized frantic fans with his introduction to the decade’s biggest hit.

“Tonight we want to bring it back to where it all started,” he continued, unplugging his fancy red guitar and trading it for an old, worn out, black model.

The amplifier’s feedback intensified as the vintage guitar roared to life. The unusually high pitched buzz brought pain to Kirk’s ears. He immediately tried turning it down, but his efforts proved fruitless. The escalating noise became shrill enough that even a majority of the half-stoned crowd looked uncomfortable. Kirk reached to disconnect his power line, and that’s when all hell broke loose. A surge of electricity made its way through the guitar and into the rocker’s body. He began shaking as the current ripped through him. Saliva boiled from his mouth and he fell backward onto the stage.

“Cut the mother fucking power!” Tommy Hanes screamed.

Security, roadies, and emergency officials stormed the stage. They cut the electricity off, but sparks still flew from Kirk’s gyrating body. By this time, the genius songwriter of his era was on fire. Bulging eyes exploded from his head, and cooking brain matter splattered the nearby area like popcorn from a popper. Security officers tried spraying him with fire extinguishers, but nothing could douse the blaze. Kirk was dead. The electricity had settled into his body and refused to leave. Blue sparks continued flying as the pile of charred bone and flesh burned through the stage floor and down to the building’s lower level. Hordes of people soon pushed their way to the scene, hoping it had all been some sort of outrageous publicity stunt perpetrated by the band. The sight of Tommy Hanes on his knees, throwing up, and Carlos Russo bawling hysterically proved it was no hoax. By the time the gruesome event ended, all that remained of Kirk Cochoran was fourteen pounds of cremated ashes and a rock and roll mystery for the ages.

© 2015 by Michael Infinito