J Symone grew up in Katy, Texas, a city just on the outskirts of Houston. A natural athlete, her goal was always to make it to the professional level. Writing wasn’t on her radar as more than anything but a class assignment or something to kill time. It wasn’t until a poetry project was given in her junior year of high school that she began to put real thought in to her writing. By her senior year, she had written upward of twenty poems and short stories. Over the years she has written on a lot of topics, but romance was never one of them. It’s a subject she finds challenge with and one with which she enjoys developing characters for. With every new story she begins, she takes a deep breath, a leap of faith, and lets the world around her spark her imagination. Personal trainer by day and writer at night, she finds that one is always a suitable mental break from the other.

“In the human heart there is always a perpetual generation of passions, such that the ruin of one is almost always the foundation of another.” ~ Françious de La Rochefoucauld