After sixteen years as a paralegal, Lisanne Harrington staged a coup and left the straight-laced corporate world behind forever. Now she panders to her muse, a sarcastic little so-and-so who delights in getting the voices in her head to either all speak at once in a cacophony of noise or to remain completely silent. Only copious hamburgers and Diet Cherry Dr. Peppers will ensure their complicity in filling her head with stories of serial killers, werewolves, and the things that live under your bed.

When not writing, she watches reruns of Gilmore Girls, horror movies like Sharknado and Fido, and Investigation Discovery crime shows. She likes scary clowns, coffee with flavored creamer, and French fries. Lots and lots of French fries. She lives in SoCal, in the small town she fashioned Moonspell’s Wolf Creek after, with her beloved husband and persistently rowdy but sweet miniature pinscher, Fiona.