In the dictionary, under the definition of the word “psychopath,” there should be a picture of Dwight Barnes, a self-made business man whose success was born out of his twisted desire to fulfill a secret promise to a lost loved one.

When Roxbury, New Jersey detectives, Monica Ross and Mike D’Tavio, discover their case involving a missing woman might be linked to three others in the nearby area, all traceable to a casual-affair dating site known as XXXtreme Discretion, they try to fit the puzzle pieces together with little success.

Aided by a mysterious child, and a lover from her past, Monica takes the lead in the investigation, trusting her instincts, along with a little cryptic help from a surprising source.

With strange twists bombarding her from all directions, she eventually finds herself on a collision course with Dwight Barnes, a cold-hearted monster born of a tragic childhood. Barnes, a serial kidnapper, will stop at nothing in order to claim his simple, yet elusive prize.

Attempting to rescue those who might still be alive, Monica spirals into what appears to be a hopeless situation of pain and suffering, leading to an unexpected ending that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

TAYLOR JONES SAYS: In XXXtreme Discretion by Michael Infinito, Dwight Barnes is a psycho serial killer who lures women into his trap by placing a personal ad on a dating website called XXXtreme Discretion. But Dwight isn’t looking for just anyone. Oh, no. He only wants a perfect size 12. And God help anyone who falls into his trap. Take Lori and Janice, for instance, two women who answered Dwight’s ad and are now missing.

Infinito tells a chilling tale of murder and psychosis, courage, and fear. You know how they always say that evil people don’t think of themselves as evil? Well, Infinito’s villain is a perfect example of that. His characters are very realistic, and the story will keep you glued to the edge of your seat.

REGAN MURPHY SAYS: XXXtreme Discretion by Michael Infinito is thriller/horror of the first order. The book was creepy from start to finish. Incredibly fast-paced, it is definitely not a book you’ll find easy to put down once you pick it up. It is also pretty graphic in places, so be prepared. Personally, I loved it, but then I have a very strong stomach. It’s on a par with Stephen King, so if you like his books, you’ll love XXXtreme Discretion.

Infinito’s characters are well-developed and easy to identify with, even the bad guy. The plot is extremely strong, and just when you think you have it figured out, you find out you don’t. As I said, this book is a page-turner, so you’ll want to start it when you have some time, because you aren’t going to be able to put it down once you start.

Chapter 1

How many days had she been there? Sixty? Eighty? Aside from estimating the amount of time that had elapsed since her last menstrual cycle, Lori Glasner had no way of really knowing for sure. From the moment her right arm had been shackled to the concrete wall of a damp and dingy windowless room, the concept of counting days had become an exercise in futility.

Even though she spent ninety-nine percent of her captivity in the dark, naked, with only an eight foot piece of chain as a leash, her mouth remained gag free. She’d been taught not to scream the hard way. On the first night of her imprisonment, each terrified yell that escaped her throat had been met with a barrage of bruising punches to her face. Three missing teeth later, she learned the importance of remaining silent.

Lori knew the true meaning of hell. Along with having no light or clothes, her steel leash only allowed her enough mobility to reach a thin mattress. The full sized futon pad lay sprawled out on the cold concrete floor, three feet away from her point of restraint. At first she didn’t sleep on it because of the presence of large rats but, over time, she retreated to the mattress out of necessity, shooing the dirty pests away like common houseflies.

Along with the filthy bed, she had also been given a single blanket to use. In the dark dungeon, it served as her solitary friend, providing not just a source of warmth, but also her only article of clothing. Lori’s captor had disrobed her right after the abduction, leaving her stark naked for the rodents to feast their evil eyes upon. Oddly, the stranger seemed more interested in her clothing that day, than with her nude body. He didn’t rape, fondle, or even ogle her. Aside from the initial contact with the evil bastard, the only other time she’d been touched at all was when he silenced her that first night with his pounding fists.

Lori stood up and stepped off the mattress. Using her hands to feel along the cinderblock wall, she shuffled away from her filthy bed until her feet bumped into a plastic five-gallon bucket. She squatted down and pissed into the nearly full container, overflowing it onto the floor, soaking her toes with warm pee. Although her captor threw a bag of fast food into the room on a daily basis, he neglected to empty out her makeshift porta-potty. Often times, from her futon pad, she heard the rats and mice licking the spillage from the floor. In the early days of her captivity, Lori vomited at the thought of animals drinking her piss, but as time went by, she actually hoped their sick appetite would keep the flow of fluids from eventually reaching her bed.

After peeing, she returned to the mattress, dripping along the way. She had all but given up on the idea of proper hygiene. In her dungeon of despair, toilet paper was whatever she could get her hands on. Available in limited supply, McDonald’s bags and Burger King napkins had become a valuable commodity. She rarely wiped away her pee droplets anymore, saving the paper for the more distasteful acts of shitting and damming up period blood. After endless days without a shower or toothbrush, she could hardly distinguish between her arm pit odor and the piss bucket stench.

As Lori prepared to sit back down, she heard footsteps from outside of her room. Like a hungry dog waiting to be fed, she had learned to associate the patter of feet with the pleasure of a cold cheeseburger and a bottle of warm water, not to mention the added bonus of seeing a few seconds of light. Just glimpsing the dim illumination of a sixty watt bulb reminded her once a day she wasn’t, in fact, blind. Unfortunately for Lori, exposure to the light usually came in such short bursts that her eyes never had time to adjust to the brightness. Her cherished moments of vision flew by as little more than a blur.

Having been unconscious during her arrival to the hell chamber, Lori had no idea what lay beyond her door. Unable to rely on her eyes, she spent the majority of her confinement concentrating on the sounds outside the room. A barking dog and strange mechanical noises rang out from time to time and, on one other occasion, just a few days earlier, she distinctly heard the anguished cries of a frightened woman.

“Just be quiet and he won’t hit you,” Lori had muttered in the darkness, praying the woman would get the message before taking too much of a beating at the hands of their captor.

The awful screaming ended abruptly, eventually being replaced by an unknown ratcheting sound. Lori assumed the poor woman had either learned her lesson–or something much worse had possibly occurred. The latter thought she tried in vain to put out of her mind. She hoped, beyond all reason, that the stranger was still alive, stranded in the silent darkness, waiting to be rescued, just like her.

As Lori’s memory played the woman’s screams over and over in her head, her thoughts were interrupted by a turning doorknob. Seconds later, the heavy wooden door pushed open and her eyes became flooded with a dull, but blinding light. The silhouette of a man slowly came into focus.

“I’m so thirsty,” she whimpered. “Could I please have more water today?”

“You’ve got five fucking gallons of drink right there you ungrateful bitch,” the man said, pointing to the dimly lit piss bucket.

Lori sobbed.

“Stop your damned crying. I came to take you out of here anyway. You won’t have to spend any more nights with the rats.”

“You’re letting me go?” Lori asked hopefully.

He flashed a twisted grin. “I didn’t say that.”

Just as he had done on the night of their first encounter, the deranged man sprinkled a few drops from a bottle onto a rag, and then he held it over Lori’s mouth and nose. Moments later she fell unconscious.

© 2015 by Michael Infinito