A lot of you have inquired if we would consider printing hard cover copies of your books. The board has considered this, and they have negotiated with Ingram to set up a program to print hard cover copies. Because the hard cover copies are much more difficult to set up and print, there is a setup fee of $200.00, of which the board has agreed to pay half for any author who wants to participate.

They asked me to stress that you are unlikely to make any money from hard cover copies because they are expensive to print and, therefore, expensive for customers to buy. As a result, most customers prefer to buy ebooks or paperbacks because they are much cheaper. However the board understands the thrill of holding a hard cover copy of your book in your hands and/or giving it to a family member or friend, so they have agreed to set up a program to make this happen for those of you who desire it.

They also asked me to stress that there may be programs out there for self-published authors where there may be no setup fee, however, you must still buy/provide an ISBN that has not been used before, and the wholesale cost of the book is probably higher, so it may all wash out the same in the end, but they do suggest that you research this before making the decision to go with our program. For those of you who do want to participate in our program, BOB will provide the ISBN, as well as the jacket cover formatting and interior formatting.

If you do want to go with a self-published author program, and we currently own your hard cover copy rights, you just need to email LP, and she will release those to you. If your book has already been released and has been out for more than one year, the hard cover rights would have automatically reverted to you, so you do not need to have us release them. If you want to go with our program and your book has been released for more than a year, then you would need to email LP and let her know that you are granting us these rights again so that we can do the hard cover copy.

Again, the board does not see hard cover copies as a money-making venture, as it is unlikely that you will sell enough to recoup your half of the setup fee, but they do understand that, for a lot of you, this is not the consideration for having hard cover copies. Any hard cover copies that are done through our program will be on sale on major bookstore websites, although the board did not know if this is the case with hard cover copies done by self-published author programs, at least without a fee, so that is something that you would also need to look into before you decide. If any of you are interested, just let me or LP know, and we will get the process started.