Board Member: LG Jackson

Job Title: Executive Board Member

LG Jackson has spent over twenty years working in technical support, customer service, sales and marketing. Prior to joining Black Opal Books, she worked on projects which included clients such as Netscape, CompuServe, EarthLink, Qwest, HP, Dell, Microsoft, and Accenture. In addition to her work with Black Opal Books, she is working as a Client Accounting Coordinator for largest private foundation in the world currently.

Ms. Jackson has been instrumental in the development of a call-center which began with little more than desks and computers but has since grown into a thriving business. In that role, she procured new clients, secured vendors, handled IT issues, negotiated contracts, and worked closely with HR to develop policies and procedures which are still in place today. She was able to secure a long-term contract for eighteen call center agents and, through their exceptional performance, took the company from red to black within one year.

Ms. Jackson holds an associates degree in office administration, technology and management as well as an MCP certification from Microsoft.  She has three Certificates of Completion for American Sign Language and a certification in Leadership Development from Accenture. She is also the owner of a resume business and been working successfully as a resume writer, proofreader, and editor for over twenty years.