Board Member: SK Humphreys

Job Title: Executive Board Member

S.K. Humphreys is a retired educator and artist, who has been associated with the publishing industry for the last thirty years. She began working for a small Northwest college in 1975 and worked in the public information office and the media center for twenty-eight years. Ms. Humphreys worked on graphics design projects with other artists to produce all campus materials, from performance programs to media guides, overhead transparencies to book designs, including summer school promotional advertising, class schedules and catalogs, averaging more than two hundred projects per year. She worked on the promotional campaign receiving a CASE award in the 1980s and has received more than thirty national awards for media guide designs from COSIDA. She retired from in 2002.

Ms. Humphreys was a designer, co-editor, and contributing writer for a Northwest magazine from 1988 to 1994. She worked for a Northwest printer as designer, typesetter, and filmsetter from 2003 to 2005, working on projects for public sector agencies and local businesses.

Ms. Humphreys designed all the materials including advertising, application forms and prize awards for the fundraising projects to provide funds for at-risk youth for six years, designing posters and brochures, a fundraiser for two years running. She was also the designer and layout artist for two books on teaching English as a second language. Humphries worked for a English language and culture institute, where she designed classroom materials, advertising and web site materials. She taught ESL for 8 years, focusing on reading, writing, pronunciation and grammar and acted as liaison for International students attending Northwest public schools for three years, retiring from there in 2010. She joined Black Opal Books in 2010 because she believes in what they are doing for authors.