“Me?” says author Arcey Dear. “I’m just an ordinary boring person who likes to shop in thrift shops during the holidays—it’s probably the thrill of the bargain, or being able to push people out of the way to get a really good deal. (Yeah, my shrink says I have an aggression issue. You got a problem with that? I mean, the shrink part.) Or it could be the fact that, even with a few nicks and dents, the item might pass for new—if I gave it in the dark.”

Dear has been told she’s a bit quirky, though that’s mostly by her kids. Her life is totally weird and the things she writes about really do happen: things like finding a passport in the Goodwill and trying to hand it off to a cop who wouldn’t touch it, totally real. Nymphs…well, that was just a really short Goodwill clerk…she thinks. A Warlock for a dad, real. Him being a demon, not real. Etcetera, Etcetera…Just believe her when she says her life is odd. The stuff she writes is meant to be laughed at while eating hot fudge sundaes. Readers, you can lose weight later when you play Pokemon Go, but not until the final page is read or the last drop of fudge is licked!

She hopes you enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoys writing them! Visit her on her website: www.arceydear.com