Elizabeth Brooks has been reading and writing from a very young age. Her first attempt at writing was in the third grade when she mischievously wrote a story about how a monster came after her not-so-nice third-grade teacher. Finding satisfaction in expressing herself in the written word, she completed two semesters of Honors English along with two semesters of Creative Writing in college. In the second semester of Creative Writing, the final exam was to submit something inside an envelope with a stamp on it. The teacher took the envelope and mailed the submission to the publication of his student’s choice. Brooks’s went to Teen Magazine in the spring of 1991 and was published. Later, the college sent her a request to become an English tutor for struggling students. She then followed her interests into the medical field, where she fell into the career path of medical billing. She took a hiatus to have two children before she recently returned to the working world. Now Brooks is pursuing her passion for writing once again. She lives in Maryland with her two children.