Genie Smith Bernstein began writing by falling out of the sky. After safely landing an airplane whose engine failed, she was unable to talk about the experience until capturing her emotions on paper. That exercise led to her ability to infuse writing with emotion.

Originally from Eatonton, Georgia, Bernstein writes in an authentic Southern voice. She makes her home in Athens, Georgia, and shares with her husband their joyously combined family of six children and fourteen globe-trotting grandchildren.

Bernstein is a featured columnist for Georgia Connector, Georgia’s premier regional quarterly magazine. Skating on the Septic Tank, is a collection of her popular columns. Awarded South Carolina’s Literary Award for Non-Fiction, her work has appeared in six anthologies.

Along with Skating on the Septic Tank, Bernstein’s novel of Romantic Intrigue, Act on the Heart (plus reading group guide), is also published by Black Opal Books. The books are available through Amazon, the publisher, or Genie’s website