Gisela Woldenga was born in Oldenburg, Germany, on July 21, 1934. As soon as she could read she started to write: little poems and fairytales. She still has some of them. When she finished high school, she started working in a lawyer’s office, mostly disputes over last wills and testaments and property. Then she moved on to the main taxation office. She met her husband through penpaling—he was already in Canada—and she joined him in 1954 in Ontario. She had her first baby in 1956, her second one in 1957, then moved to Vancouver BC, and added another baby in 1961.

Woldenga Picked up music (piano) again in 1964, started teaching shortly after, and taught until about eight years ago. In the meantime, she wrote articles, poems, children’s stories. She also took up acting, after her kids were safely gone, in 1998. Lots of fun! She’s still doing it whenever possible. After some courses in writing for children, she started publishing. From there on into short stories for adults and finally four books.