Guinotte Wise has been a creative director in advertising most of his working life. In his youth he put forth effort as a bull rider, ironworker, laborer, funeral home pickup person, bartender, truck driver, postal worker, ice house worker, and paving field engineer. A staid museum director called him raffish, which he enthusiastically embraced—the observation, not the director. Of course, he took up writing fiction.

Wise welds and writes on a farm in Resume Speed, KS. He welded a collection of short stories, Night Train, Cold Beer, that won money, publication, but not much acclaim in 2013 (Pecan Grove Press, available on Amazon). His novel Ruined Days, and a short story collection, Resume Speed, are under contract to Black Opal Books. His work has been allowed into numerous literary reviews and anthologies, including  Atticus, Thrice Fiction, and The MacGuffin.

His wife has an honest job in the city and drives 100 miles a day to keep it.

Some of his work may be seen at and His Amazon author’s page is