Heidi Sprouse lives in upstate NY in historic Johnstown. She attended college at St. Rose in Albany, knowing all along her two loves were teaching and English. It took four years before she landed the teaching job of her dreams, but twenty years later she is still nurturing little ones in pre-K. She loves the privilege of watching brand-new little humans as they discover and begin to shape their own worlds.

Knowing what she wants and going after it in relentless pursuit is Sprouse’s gift. Deciding to become an author can be downright unnerving, but Sprouse bit into the challenge, took off, and never looked back. Her perseverance proves success is not a matter of luck. It’s a matter of finding what speaks to your heart and committing to do that thing until it makes a difference.

When she isn’t busy teaching or with her husband Jim, her son Patrick, and her canine kids Chuck and Dale, she’s cooking up her next novel. She dabbles in sweet romances, historical fiction, and suspense thrillers, depending on what pleases her reader’s eye at any given moment. Sprouse is always in search of the extraordinary in the ordinary, writing about strong men with old-fashioned values and the women who pick them up when they fall. She’ll tell anyone it’s never too late to chase after your dreams, no dream is too small or insignificant, and any mountain can be moved with a proposal and a good plan.

Her past works include: All the Little Things, Lightning Can Strike Twice, Aging Gracefully, Sunny Side Up, Against the Grain, Adirondack Sundown, The Edge of Forgiveness on Blue Mountain, Whispers of Liberty, Liberty’s Promise, Liberty’s Legacy, and Rose and Her Ragamuffin Sam. Stay tuned for more to come.