Iain Landles was born in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. He has been writing plays since 1988, and his first show, Urak-Hai, took place in 1992. Since then his work has appeared on the London Fringe, the Edinburgh and Brighton Festivals, and on numerous tours across Britain. Landles’s War Trilogy was performed between 2003 and 2005 at the White Bear Theatre, London. Time Out said of The Siege: “Landles’s fierce poetic style, together with his themes of political and sexual depravity, might make you think of Howard Barker, and you’d not be far wrong…Landles has served up an intriguingly nasty piece of work.”

Landles is a controversial playwright, experimenting with theatrical form (see Seventh Day Respite, 2007, and Accelerating Expansion, 2008), language, character, and narrative. His “in-yer-face” style of writing and his unique voice is known for its lack of compromise. Landles gained a doctorate from the University of Sussex and subsequently a professor, and has published extensively on the poet E .E. Cummings: The Case for Cummings and is also a contributing and consulting editor for SPRING, The Journal of the E. E. Cummings Society.