Jerry Otis is a SAG Actor who turned to writing about a half dozen years ago. The entire publishing process has taught him one thing, “Never give up.” Even after getting over 40 rejection letters from other literary agencies or editors, he continued to forge ahead. He’s found out that if you have a good story, a literary agency, or editor out there somewhere will recognize your manuscript for what it is and decide to sign you.

Otis lives in northern California in the rural town of Pollock Pines. Although he’s now going to be a newly published author with Black Opal Books, it’s something that in his earlier years he would have never dreamed of becoming, considering the crappy grades he received in English classes, from elementary all the way up through high school. It wasn’t until he got into college that he found out he liked to write, and it was at that point in time he realized it’s not just the grammar that’s important, it’s the story telling. Remember this, “Without a good story, you have nothing but a bunch of rambling, mumbo jumbo, so no matter what kind of degree you have in Literature/English etc., that degree will get you nowhere unless you’re a good story teller. Grammar can be corrected, but story telling can’t be faked.”