Jess Lee Jalao currently lives in the Central Valley of California, where he helps individuals with developmental disabilities integrate into society in order to live as independently as possible. After years in this field, it was, in fact, those very individuals who have shown him that the true beauty of life lies in the simplicity of things, which, in turn, helped polish his writing skills.

He is almost never the most-educated person in the room, but don’t anyone feel sorry for him. He speaks four different languages fluently, including Spanish and French, which are, as he puts it, lullabies to the soul. Having grown up abroad contributed to this motley of beautiful tongues.

At young age, Jess was introduced to many literary figures, including Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Federico García Lorca, and Ernest Hemmingway, among other greats.

His affinity for the game of chess reflects greatly on his writing as well, and it makes perfect sense. His main character is always a few steps ahead, leaving the reader unaware, at times, of what’s coming, and wanting to unveil the rest of the story while navigating through the twists and turns of the plot.

At night, when imbued in the solace of silence, he pours his passion into words and strives to appeal to the readers, all the while, respecting his individuality as a man of letters.