Joyce Shaughnessy, a former Certified Legal Assistant, lives in Midland, Texas, and has published five books and short stories in numerous anthologies. Her first love in writing and reading is historical fiction. All her books contain love interests. Her first three books are about the American Depression through WWII: A Healing Place, Blessed Are the Merciful: Our Forgotten Soldiers, and The Unsurrendered. The Gryffon Master, a fantasy, is a round robin novel with four other authors. The Grumpy Lizard Meets the Giggling Girls is a children’s book for ages four through seven, based on her four granddaughters and illustrated by her late husband of twenty-seven years.

She is a member of a writer’s group based in Midland, The Bookies. They are looking forward to the third annual Permian Basin Writers Workshop, which is sponsored by the group and is attended by speakers and writers from across the United States. She attends two critique groups twice a month and enjoys meeting other authors and exchanging ideas. She is the Chairman of their Annual Manuscript Contest to benefit authors and the workshop.

She is represented by Jeanie Loiacono of Loiacono Literary Agency. Her current novel, Glory Lost, a Young Adult novel, is about a sixteen-year-old girl who dresses like a man, joins the Union Army, and becomes a sharpshooter. Blog and website: