Ken Bessette began creative writing as an English major and writers’ forum member in Upstate New York. His interest in being a novelist was piqued after participating in an all-night poker game with author, James Dickey, of Deliverance fame. Bessette later earned a masters degree while teaching high school English and wrote his first novel after enduring too many harsh New York winters and moving to South Florida.

Much of his earlier creative writing came as a cruciverbalist (from Latin “crux” = cross and “verbum” = word). His crossword puzzles have appeared in national syndications, as well in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, and USA Today.

His favorite author is Fitzgerald although his favorite author he would have liked to have hung out with (if only he had been living in Key West during the 30s) is Hemingway. When not writing crosswords or fiction, Bessette spends an inordinate amount of time learning about Impressionist Art and the French Revolution for no apparent reason. His goal as a novelist (and puzzle writer, for that matter) is to create a work that people will become briefly but totally immersed in, enjoy thoroughly, and then wait restlessly for his next publication.