Larysa Rychkova is a new author, a debutant in the writer’s world, now looking in her later years to achieve a passion she has harbored for many years—to write and publish a novel. She was born in the former Soviet Union, in the territory of the Ukraine. Although an exceptional student in her study of mathematics and precision work, she was very creative and had a love of the arts. Her university degree in mathematics and computer programming brought her to her first job in the central part of Russia within a very interesting industry. This career took her to the very Far East of Russia, learning many new skills within the new culture of Russia and dealing with people from different layers of society.

For the next chapter of life, and now with two children, she moved back to Ukraine, where she had a successful twenty-year career as a director of the government job center. She used her skills dealing with people to ensure employment was found for her clients, in turn giving her great satisfaction in helping others. In time, her beloved son and daughter, now in higher education, moved to a university in Sweden, achieving their masters in Stockholm, and have since moved to successful careers in London. A very new experience brought Rychkova to England seventeen years ago as a newlywed with a British husband, where she has settled and begun to write in her retirement.

Who does not like to read, to swim, to travel, to paint, and to write? But the most fictional chapters of her novel, A Clash of Forces, were planned while participating in her love of swimming. Having a huge life, job, experiences, it was easy for her to write intriguing insights in a real Russian’s life, with interesting glimpses about the world where possibly many readers have not been. This story hopefully will eliminate the myth about women from the eastern part of Europe, who search for love, and make us believe that sometime someone will invent something which makes our world a greener place and to live without a dependency from current energy sources which will change the world forever.