Loretta Moore is an African American female writer of many genres, residing in Dover, Delaware. She is married, the mother of three, and grandmother of eight. Moore is a multi-published author with several novels to her her credit. Other published works include poetry, essays, and short stories in several magazines and journals. Wright also contributes to a church newsletter.  Moore is also a playwright and several of her dramas and musicals have been full productions. Presently, two of her plays are in the hands of theater in Philadelphia, PA and Roanoke, VA. Ghostwriting is another area which Moore enjoys. She have a college degree in English and has received literary and theatrical recognition and awards. She belongs to an honor society and other laudable organizations, and volunteers in her community and church. Her interests include writing, reading, music, and attending the theater and concerts, as well as some involvement with outdoor activities. Currently, her next writing project keeps her very busy.