Lynda Kaye Frazier is married, with five children who are all grown and have blessed her with three grandchildren. She lives in Mountain Home, Arkansas on the top of a hill surrounded by 70 wooded acres, which allows her to view beautiful sunsets every night. Between the cows, horses, dogs and cats, there is always something that needs to be done. But she loves to travel, so she doesn’t let it keep her from taking a weekend trip to her favorite place, the beach. Surf, sand and a good book-her stress relief. During the day Frazier works for a group of Cardiologists doing ultrasounds, and each evening you can find her in front of her computer working on her next story. She’s an avid reader of romantic suspense, and that’s the genre that she writes. Other than spending time with her family, her favorite things to do are writing, reading, listening to music, and—her most favorite—going to the beach. Frazier has been known to drive ten hours for a day on the sand, soaking up the sun.