Molly Neely is a life-long reader of everything from history, theology, and politics, to vampires, ghosts, and romance. No longer settling for being just a reader, she has made the transition to writer, with her upcoming novel, The Sand Dweller, to be published by Black Opal Books in early 2016. She has an eclectic style and a wide range of tastes, including a passion for Pre-Code classic movies, ‘80s new wave music, and pretty much anything with bacon in it.

When she’s not putting in a forty hour work week with the number one retailer in the world, Neely is reading, writing (of course), taking in a Jean Harlow movie, or preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse. A woman of strong faith, Neely attends Saint James Anglican Cathedral and is a member of the Order of Saint Vincent. She lives in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno California, with her husband, Lyle, and their Whippet, Devo.