Renee Ebert was born in Philadelphia and grew up in New Jersey. She received an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University in English Literature and a masters degree in Public Health from UCLA. Her career focused on raising funding for international and stateside nonprofit organizations for a variety of causes, among them: children, families, women’s empowerment through education, and animal welfare. Her first novel was epublished because she couldn’t wait to see it in print. The story of Molly Morris is set in Long Beach, California in 1993 where she teaches history to boys and girls in the barrio. You can read more about Molly on Renee’s new novel, Dead Eyes In Late Summer, to be published by Black Opal Books, is a paranormal mystery and romance spanning WWI, the Depression in Savannah, and a town called Tulip Junction. Other works in progress are Writers Cramped, a murder mystery within the special world of publishing, and Overbrook, a recounting of women in large mental institutions of the forties, fifties, and early sixties through the eyes of an idealistic young nurse.