With over twenty years in the amusement business, selling rides to carnivals and parks worldwide, Robert O’Hanneson writes what he knows, the amusement business and his Armenian heritage. He and his wife Carol wrote BLOODY SOIL, a historical fiction novel that captures the pain of the Armenian Genocide. Though never published, portions of it were read on Fresno’s NPR station.

Capturing tense moments during the Cuban Missile Crisis, O’Hanneson also wrote INSIDE THE SILOS OF DOOMSDAY, an article that was published in Military History Magazine. As one of two men responsible for launching megatons of nuclear weapons, he tells what it was like as a young man to serve in that position when the U.S. and Russia were at the brink of a nuclear war.

A native Californian, born in San Francisco, O’Hanneson later moved to Santa Clara Valley at a time when the major product was agriculture and not computer chips. He now resides in Modesto with his wife.