Tanya W. Newman was born and raised in Upstate South Carolina, where she discovered her love of a good story, and where she decided to try to write a book of her own at the age of ten. When she was finished, the story was a whopping thirty pages, but nonetheless cemented her love of writing and storytelling, a love that led to a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of South Carolina Upstate, and a Master of Arts in English from Clemson University. She has continued through her work as a college instructor and Library Specialist.

Now married to her wonderful husband, Mark, for ten years, Newman still resides in Upstate South Carolina, where she sets many of her stories. When not indulging in writing or reading, she enjoys a good cup of coffee; watching movies (usually an action/adventure with a love story added in) or reruns of The Golden Girls; going for long walks; and spending time playing with, snuggling, and reading to her adorable son and daughter.