Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, raised in Hartsdale New York, Dr. Theodore Homa is a physician, seasoned history buff, and an avid science fiction enthusiast. Among his favorite themes are time travel, the unknown and places of unique historical interest. Travels throughout Europe and Asia have provided the opportunity to compliment his particular theological and philosophical areas of interest. After a long medical career devoted to his practice and consecutive weeks without free weekends, a health related calamity struck leaving him unable to work for an extended period. Utilizing the serendipitous time on his hands, he turned to inner creative talents and began to explore the world of writing fiction. Writing has always been an ultimate background career goal. After a year at the word processor in his suburban Chicago area penthouse and his summer home on Cape Cod, and with the continual support of his wife and dedicated friends, he completed his first literary work, Archimedes’ Claw. Currently Dr. Homa continues the writer’s journey, busily embarking on his follow up novel.