“We were at a party and, none of us being native Canadians, were asked to speak about our family origins and any interesting events therein,” says author Vivienne Barker. “When I spoke about the families of both my father and mother, my friends were intrigued and said I should write a book. So I did. They say truth is stranger than fiction. Only you, the reader will figure out what is and isn’t in The Train Now Leaving, or maybe you won’t be able to. I will only say that almost all the people did exist, and most of the events actually took place.”

Barker was born and raised in England and now resides in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario, Canada. Having worked for “the man” all her adult life, she decided to finally do what she wanted, which was looking after animals. Her company, Four on the Floor (and a Tail), was a passion for five years prior to retirement. Being a visiting “nanny” or a temporary resident with her charges was sometimes a nightmare, (parting two fighting Bouviers, falling on the ice going to a stable) but it was always a joy to be with so many wonderful animals.