Sent on a special assignment to learn if the New World Order will ultimately carry out its plans to eliminate most of human life, Dan Arrow travels into the future in a TR-42B triangle, only to discover that he has been murdered in the near future and his beloved Mona has married his murderer.

Shocked and angered, he moves from body to body and zips back and forth through time, trying to prevent his own murder while simultaneously attempting to foil the NWS’s world domination plans. Diverted from his mission by the Black Knight satellite, he finds himself in the past with a woman who thinks she could be carrying his child. Then, on a future Earth, that no longer resembles the planet he loves, he catches up with Mona and, together again, they face a nemesis with a name from the past: Nargas!

Can Dave save the Earth as we know it? Can Dan and Mona prevent Nargas from implementing the first commandment of the Georgia Guidestones? Will Dan and Mona ever be able to live a normal lifespan together?


Private detective Dan Arrow met FBI Special Agent Mona Casola on a case that ended in non-disclosure agreements. It was during that case that they began dating. But, when Mona told Dan that she loved him, he dropped her like yesterday’s meatloaf. Then, as the gods would have it, one of Dan’s clients was murdered and Dan had to contact Mona because the FBI had classified the murder as a suicide. Thrown together again, their search for the killer took them into deep underground military bases where they found space aliens working with representatives of international governments to create a New World Order. Mona was captured and impregnated by the Reptilians’ Commissar Nargas. But Dan freed her, and the duo foiled the NWO’s plans and their supreme leader’s migration from an old body into a new one. Hoping to abort the hybrid child, Mona discovered that the child had been plucked from her womb. She was angered both by the impregnation and by the theft of her child.

Returning to Washington, DC, Dan and Mona were met by their alien friend Waam, who asked for help in finding his nephew’s killer. Their investigation took them inside the Hollow Moon, where the NWO was building an army to conquer the Earth, once a pandemic had been unleashed. Mona’s identity was quickly discovered and, once again, she was collared by Commissar Nargas. Dan managed to rescue her and her hybrid child, but in the process, he nuked the interior of the Moon and cracked its outer shell. Returning to Mars, the duo was captured by Nargas, but Waam came to their rescue, sending the NWO leader and evil Commissar flying into the fires of the sun.

At home with their hybrid daughter Stella, Dan and Mona learned that the leader of the NWO was, in fact, still alive and selling opportunities for humans to be migrated into younger clones of themselves. Attempting to capture the NWO leader, Dan pursued three clones, any one of which could have been the NWO’s leader. His investigation took him to Antarctica, where he nuked an underground fortress, and then to the NWO headquarters in Astana, Kazakhstan, where he was captured and beaten to near death. Telepathically, Stella let Mona see Dan’s predicament. She flew to Astana where she was present when the NWO leader killed the reptilian queen and was, in return, killed by her guards. Mona then rescued Dan, returning his electrical essence to safety in a short-term storage device. With moments left the save him, she migrated Dan into the body of an alien grey. It’s not the best of circumstances.

Chapter 1

Mona had been on the phone with her sister Wendy for almost fifteen minutes before Wendy asked, “So, what’s really eating at you, Mona? You’re talking around stuff, and something isn’t right. Is Stella okay?”

Mona broke into tears. “It’s Danny,” she wept. “…Well, it’s not Danny. He’s trying. It’s me. I can’t take it. I don’t think I’m going to make it, Wendy.”

“What, as a mother?”

Mona pulled a tissue from the box on her nightstand and patted the tears from her eyes. “No, as a wife.”

“I don’t understand,” Wendy replied. “You love him, don’t you?”

“It’s not that. You haven’t seen him lately, Wendy. He’s not Danny.”

“What do you mean? Is he abusing you?”

“No, nothing like that.” Mona sighed, paused a moment and then said, “Let me try to paint you a picture.”

“Oh, God,” Wendy said, worried that things were really bad for Mona.

“Have you seen those new advertisements on the internet about moving you from your old body to a new one?”

“No, but I’ve heard about them from the girls that I drink with.”

“Well, they’re real.”

“No shit?”

“Yeah, they’re real. So, while you were babysitting Stella last month, I flew to Kazakhstan to rescue Danny from a prison cell in Astana.”

“Prison? Danny was in prison?”

“Yeah, he was arrested while on a covert mission. It was a top-secret assignment.”

“Okay, yeah. I guess I understand it now when you tell me that something is top secret. You can’t tell me everything, and you really shouldn’t be telling me anything. I understand that. Shit, I’m still reeling from when you told me all about the aliens and your trip to the moon. I still want to believe that you were putting me on.”

“You haven’t told anyone have you?”

“God, no. It was so bizarre that they’d wonder what I’ve been smoking.”

“Do you remember seeing Danny when I got back from that mission?”

“No, it was just you and that small grey alien. Remember? I thought it was a kid in a costume, and I assumed that Danny was debriefing with the FBI or CIA. Why were you with that alien, anyway?

“That was Danny.”

“Bullshit, Mona.”

“No bullshit, Wendy. When I found Danny in Astana, he’d been tortured and was near death. The doctor who was with me used the same technology that they’re advertising on the internet to remove Danny from his dying body and put him into a holding device. When we got him to safety, we had him moved to a new container because the storage device was running out of power.”

“So, you moved him to another device?”

“No, think of your body as a container, Wendy.”

“This is all too confusing, Mona.”

Mona puffed a breath of frustration. “Look, it is possible to move a person from one body to another. It’s alien technology that’s been given to certain governments. Just stay with me, okay?”

“Okay,” Wendy replied, but she couldn’t make herself sound altogether convinced.

“So, the scientists who facilitate this movement call the body a ‘container’ and they call the movement process ‘migration’. Are you still with me?”

“Yes, Mona. God save me, yes.”

“So, when we found Danny in Astana, he was dying. We had no option but to migrate him into a storage container. Then, when we got him back to a friendly facility, we migrated him from the storage container into a living container, but the only container that was available was that little grey alien.”

“So, your big, strapping Danny Arrow is now a little grey alien?”

“Well, yeah, except that it’s only supposed to be temporary, until they migrate him into a clone of himself in about eighteen months.”

“This is too much, Mona.”

“That’s my point, Wendy. I can’t take it. Danny isn’t himself. He’s small and frail. He doesn’t eat meals with Stella and me, but he sits with us and talks to us in that high-pitched helium gas voice. When we get into bed at night, he smells like a mixture of raw hamburger and goat cheese, and he snores with a shrill wheezing whistle. I can’t stand it.”

“If he doesn’t eat with you, what does he eat, Mona?”

“He doesn’t eat like us, Wendy. Nutrients have to be absorbed through his skin. Our guest room bathtub is constantly full of ground meat and Gatorade that he has to sit in every few days. I can’t go in there because it looks so gross and stinks so bad. And he’s too weak to empty the tub out when it’s time to change the slop. Instead of letting the liquid drain, we call the Villaggio septic cleaning company. They send a truck, and a guy puts a long tube through the bathroom window and pumps the stuff out of the tub.”

Wendy tried to bolster Mona’s resolve. “This isn’t like you, Mona. You’ve always been more masculine than feminine when it comes to gross stuff. You outperformed a bunch of guys at the FBI training camp, didn’t you? What’s changed you? Are you pregnant?”

Mona sighed. “Yes, maybe three months.”

“Oh, I knew it! I’m so excited for you two. Have you told Mom yet?”

“Nobody knows but you and Danny. Promise me that you’ll let me tell Mom.”

“Okay, but it’s going to be difficult not to say something about it.”

“Listen, Wendy, my pregnancy just complicates the issues with Danny.”

“No, Mona, the pregnancy explains how you feel. You’re going through hormonal changes. Until you come to grips with the changes in your body, you’re going to feel fat and ugly and undesirable. It’s all hormonal imbalance.”

“I don’t know, Wendy. But I find that everything about Danny is…well, it’s disgusting.”

“It can’t be that bad, Mona. You love him. Eighteen months isn’t that long.”

“It gets worse, Wendy.”

“I don’t know how…”

“Grey aliens are sexless, Wendy, but Danny thinks I need sexual relations, so he tries to do things for me to bring me pleasure, but when he tries to touch me with his three skinny fingers I want to vomit. Did you know that grey alien fingertips have little suction cups on them? I try to fake enjoyment, but I’m pretty sure that he knows it isn’t working for me. Just having him in bed with me reminds me of when I was held captive on a leash by two draconian greys. I feel so guilty. It’s a horrible situation and I don’t know what to do.”

“Are you coming to your little sister for advice?”

“If you have any. If not, just letting me vent helps.”

“When Mom has trouble with Daddy, what does she do?”

“She gets out of the house for a while.”

“Exactly. Why don’t you get out more often? Go spend more time doing that thing that you’re learning how to do.”

“Do you mean remote viewing?”

“Yeah, that thing. If you go to more lessons and practice more in the classroom and less at home, you’ll get better at it, and you’ll also be spending a little more time away from Danny. You know, a little less time in the house is a little less time that he can gross you out and a little less time to feel revulsion. It could help the eighteen months go by faster.”

Mona blew her nose into another tissue. “Yeah, maybe,” she replied. “Maybe a little less time feeling sexually frustrated and, at the same time, a little less time feeling guilty about being completely repulsed by my husband.”