After a career of chasing, and being chased by, spies and assorted thugs across national monuments while being mistaken for Cary Grant, George Kaplan hung up his shoulder holster and used the money to buy a computer to serve as his word processor. Although well versed in writing after-action summaries, Kaplan had no experience with writing fiction, other than his expense reports. Government repercussions about modeling characters after his cohorts and enemies would have been far too risky, so he fabricated a heroine who has qualities he’s seen a few of on each of a number of women he’d rubbed shoulders (and sometimes more) with, during his long career undercover. Kaplan’s first novel, the critically acclaimed Only Tim Sent Flowers, launched his Tookie series about an undiagnosed Aspie girl who perseveres through numerous unexpected adventures. Finding Mr. Wrong followed Tookie on her search for a man to father a daughter and marry her in no particular order. Tookie Goes Undercover exposes our more mature heroine to intrigues of a different and more dangerous sort.