Born in the Netherlands, and growing up in southern Ontario, Leonardus G. Rougoor now lives in Maple Bay, on Vancouver Island. Using his experience in tool and die quality control, as a safety rep, plus many other fields as he grew up, gave him the background to write his first series. Waiting in the Shadows, The Chase, and The Revelation tell of the journey of a man suffering a fate almost too great to endure. This series takes getting even to a new level, as Joseph deals with people that have caused him and others world of hurt and gotten away with it. The stories will take you through despair to happiness and back again. You’ll root for this protagonist as he cleans up the world, but not everything always goes according to plan. The Clock and The Murderer and the Lost Treasure, the story of a brother and sister in their late teens who stumble across a unique grandfather clock that allows them to travel back in time. You’ll soon wish it had been you that found the clock. The ups and downs will get your heart racing, as anything that can go wrong does. Mirror Mirror tells of a mirror that draws people in to feed the entity within. The story covers several decades and tells of those ill-fated enough to encounter it. If you like spooky stories, this is the one for you. A series coming out mid-summer, 2019, is the Benny Samuels, a private detective from the 1950s. He lives in Burbank, California, outside of Hollywood. Missing tells of the disappearance of a young actress after having attended a film producer’s party. Benny deals with cases that sometimes become bizarre. Jack, coming out later in 2019, is about what happened after Jack the Ripper disappeared without a trace in the 1880s. This supernatural tale will grab hold of the reader like never before. See things through the eyes of someone terrifying. Reviews are welcomed. Enjoy the fruits of Rougoor’s labors. This is why he wrote them. His writings have been compared to Dean Koontz and David Baldacci.

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