Gord—the son of Harry and Brenda, who are long-time friends of Joseph’s—has a serious drug and alcohol problem. Joseph tries to help the boy, but to no avail. Suffering from a lifetime of losses himself, Joseph has become a vigilante, determined to eliminate the undesirables of society, something he has become very good at, but he has no idea how to reach an eighteen-year-old boy and make him see reason. When Gord runs away from home after an argument with his parents and joins a cult group, Joseph enlists the help of his friend, Bill, a detective. But Bill has no more luck convincing the boy to come home than Joseph does. Knowing there is nothing more he can do, and hoping the boy will eventually come to his senses, Joseph goes back to what he does best—punishing people who prey on the innocent. It’s not a life he willingly chose, but one he was forced into when the system failed to bring justice to him and other victims of these monsters. Resigned to his lonely and secretive life, Joseph searches out and dispatches the most heinous of criminals, until the suicide of a friend and a fatal mistake set Joseph’s world spinning out of control into a downward spiral from which he sees no hope of escape…

TAYLOR JONES SAYS: In The Revelation by Leonardus G. Rougoor, Joseph is still doing his vigilante work, removing the dregs of society who prey on innocent victims. His friend, Detective Bill Henderson, not only suspects what Joseph does in his secret life, but uses him on occasion to help with difficult cases. But Joseph doesn’t trust him enough to confide in him and struggles to keep his shadow life secret. He is very unhappy with this life he was forced into and feels he can never be forgiven for his sins. Then when a friend dies, and Joseph makes a fatal mistake, his world is turned upside down, and he fears things will never be the same.

Intense, compelling, and intriguing, this is one you won’t be able to put down.

REGAN MURPHY SAYS: The Revelation by Leonardus G. Rougoor is the third book in his Waiting in the Shadows series—the story of a man whose tragic losses in life, combined with the failure of the legal system to bring justice to those responsible, have set him on a path of destruction. Our protagonist, Joseph, lost his mother and two wives to murderers whom the police could not seem to catch, or if they did catch them, the sentences handed down by the court were too lenient to give Joseph closure. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Joseph sets out to avenge those helpless innocent victims that society fails. Seeking out not only the criminals responsible for the pain in his own life but others as well, Joseph searches online for the scum of the earth, delivering his own brand of justice—swift, brutal, and final. Even those villains he doesn’t kill are so traumatized they give up their life of crime and go into hiding. But he can’t take them all out, and when a close friend commits suicide because of abuses he suffered at the hands of some criminals, Joseph spirals out of control and makes the one mistake he never thought he would make.

The Revelation is both a mystery/thriller and the saga of a troubled man living a life he didn’t choose but was forced into by desperation and anguish when the people he loved were brutally murdered. Poignant and chilling, it will keep you turning pages from beginning to end.

Chapter 1


Bill Henderson and I walked up to the front door of the home where my friends Harry, Brenda, and their kids, Eva and Gord, lived. Brenda opened the door, asking us to come in. It was immediately evident that she had been crying. Stepping into the living room, we saw a house in a bit of a shambles. A couple pieces of furniture were broken, and there was a fist-sized hole in the wall.

My heart sank as I took in the scene. “What on earth happened here?” I asked.

“It’s Gord. He’s totally out of control. He’s gotten involved in drugs and went ballistic when we wouldn’t give him the money to pay off a dealer who’s after him. This is why we phoned you.”

“Where is he now?” I asked.

“He ran away and left his phone behind, so we have no way of getting in touch with him. We don’t know what to do,” she said as the tears rolled down her face.

Bill knew exactly what to do. He was the police detective who caught Amy’s killer. Amy was my first wife. We had only been married a short time when she was brutally murdered. Her death closely paralleled my mother’s.

At this point, Bill took over, introducing himself to Brenda and Harry, who had just come downstairs. “Do you know the name of the drug dealer who supplied your son?” he asked. When she shook her head, he continued. “You have no idea where you son may have gone? Does he have any friends who might shed some light on this situation?”

“Gord has dropped all his old friends and never talks much about anyone he associates with,” Harry answered. There was an edge to his voice, one that wasn’t usually there.

“This is typical behavior in this kind of circumstance,” Bill said. “How long has this been going on? Can you give me as many details as possible, including age, his computer passwords, and anything you feel may be relevant? Just write it on a sheet of paper and show me to his room, please.”

“I’ll show him up to Gord’s room if you like,” I said, at which Harry nodded his head.

Up the stairs we went and into a room I had been in many times before. This used to be a boy who was pleasant to be around and respected his parents. Things changed dramatically, right after the first time he got drunk with a few boys from his school. This road had been especially difficult for my friends, and I felt so sorry for them.

Bill found the cell phone that was left behind and with very little effort managed to access the information in it. The two of us read a series of texts between Gord and someone called Jimmy. They spoke of money owed for drugs received. The amount of money was, for a boy in Gord’s position, quite high and amounted to several thousand dollars. It would be difficult for him to pay this off.

There also were several texts coming from and going to a person with very strange ideas. There was a phone number attached, and Bill said he would investigate the person. The drug dealer would also be visited and questioned as to Gord’s whereabouts.

Bill sat down at the computer and attempted to open it as well, but was stumped. Harry came into the room, handing over a sheet of paper with writing on it and was asked if he knew the password.

“I haven’t been allowed to touch his things in quite some time. If you need to take it with you, please do,” he said to the detective. “We just want to find him.”

“How did your living room get into the condition it is,” Bill asked.

“My son asked for a considerable amount of money, and when we told him no, he became quite hostile before he ran away,” Harry said with his head hanging down.

Bill continued his search of the room and only came up with a few more items of interest. One of the things he held in his hand was an information pamphlet. He cocked his head to the side and raised one eyebrow. “This is strange. The phone number on the pamphlet is the same as on the phone text. It looks like Gord may have been recruited by a cult leader named Jeremy Baulthus. I’ve heard of this guy before. He and his sect prey on confused kids, who have gotten themselves into drug trouble, and make some wild promises of enlightenment, enticing them to join,” he said. “This is not good, not good at all.”

With this, he picked up the computer and pocketed the cell phone. When he got to the front door, he said to the tearful parents, “I’ll get the department techs to look into the computer, and I’ll handle this case personally.”

Harry managed to get out a thank you and asked me to stay for a moment. When we were alone, Harry took me aside and, when he was sure Brenda couldn’t hear, said, “There are things about you that I don’t know, but I do know that you have helped us before. You dealt with some pretty harsh people for us, and although you wouldn’t tell us how, you took care of them. If there is anything that you can do, please do it for us.”

“If I am able to do anything, without Bill finding out, I will. For now, we’ll have to let him handle things. He is a very capable man, so give him a chance. If anyone can get to the bottom of this, it’s him.”

With this, I left to head back home. This was not a problem I needed. I just came back from dealing with the man responsible for the death of Kathleen, my second and last wife. I’d made the decision to never get involved with a woman again. Almost everyone that I had ever cared about had been murdered.

Sometimes I thought about the things that made me what I was. I wouldn’t wish these things to happen to my worst enemy. The life-altering events that shaped me into a murderer, and worse, still haunted me.

Harry was right, he didn’t know much about me, if he did, he would never have had me in his company again, and no one else would either. Part of me lived in the shadows, a part that could never be revealed.

© 2018 by Leonardus G. Rougoor