Douglas Durham was born and raised in the Central Valley of California. After serving in the US Army as a Military Policeman both in Southeast Asia and in the United States, he ended up in the San Francisco Bay Area where he worked as a Police Officer. Re-married now, Durham moved to the Coast of California near San Luis Obispo, but the Central Valley was not yet ready to turn loose of him. In the late 1980’s he and his wife returned to Fresno, California, a city of over half a million people, where he worked in the Investigations Division of the Fresno Police Department as a Crime Scene Investigations Supervisor assigned to the night shift for 22 years, retiring in 2011. Always the aspiring writer, Durham kept notes over the years of his adventures and real life cases, and finally upon retirement, had the time to start his writing career. Death in the Desert ~ A Jason Douglas Novel, is his first. There will be more to follow. Durham resides the majority of the year in Yuma, Arizona. He and his wife travel during the summer months in his RV and on his motorcycle, both for new project research and just to see America. He is still married to his wife of 30 years and has two grown daughters both of whom still live in California.